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Photography is about capturing the "decisive moment" to borrow a phrase from Bresson. The decisive moment is the split second of genius and inspiration that a photographer has to capture a certain moment. A look, a gesture, a smile, a tear.

The moment is fleeting, it lasts for a second and can never be repeated. It has to be captured and composed beautifully, exposed perfectly and presented expertly.

Weddings are full of decisive moments.

 I would love to capture your decisive moments.


Sarah and Gary. Kelham House. 22 November 2014.
Sarah and Gary where married at Branston Church with the reception held at the lovely Kelham House in Newark. A chilly November day, but the weather held out for us all. Both Sarah and Gary looked great and where very … Continue reading
Monday, 16 February 2015
Kyle and Jake. Charlotte House Hotel. 14 November 2014.
Kyle and Jake where married on Friday 14 November at a small church in the centre of Lincoln in the shadows of the Cathedral. An intimate ceremony was followed by some great shots with Jakes choice of arrival, a robin … Continue reading
Monday, 16 February 2015